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Design, well being and saving

Cortinadecor Bioclimatic Pergola is a new sun protection system that allows you to enjoy the outdoors any time of the year.

It will give you more space, without the need fro building work, anywhere.

The pergola naturally regulates the temperature inside, and at the same time protects you from the sun, rain, wind or any inclement weather.

With a modern, timeless design, it fi ts seamlessly with any architectural style and comes with endless modular options. It is the perfect solution for hotel and restaurant terraces and gardens.

This system is highly customisable and can be tailored to the many aesthetic and functional requirements of today. It comes with a broad range of colours and versatile accessories, making the Cortinadecor Bioclimatic Pergola an essential part of your life all year long...

Discover it for yourself!

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Elegant and silent

Cortinadecor Bioclimatic Pergola is a weatherproof structure with motorised, adjustable aluminium louvers that allow it to move about freely.

Its avant-garde design is timeless and fi ts in with all kinds of ambiances. Its elegant yet robust look guarantees durability.

It is also completely silent due to the way its components have been designed. The racks bear a perimeter sealing system registered that protects against sideways rain, preventing any noise that might be caused by friction with the louver side caps, and movement caused by wind.

This seal also prevents sunlight from directly entering or being refl ected at the joins between the louvers and between the louvers and the frame.

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Versatility and Mobility

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Motorised system

The pergola only comes with a motorised system, using a 24 Vdc motor. This also guarantees your safety in the event of an electrical shock, with additional earthing protection. All of the electrical conducts are also hidden away, providing even more insulation.

The pergola features the latest high-tech automated systems to ensure it is convenient and easy to use.

While you are away from home, the rain sensor will make sure any furniture underneath the pergola is not spoiled. With any Cortinadecor product, you can switch on the heating or lights from one single remote control. You can even control the pergola from your smartphone.

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Optional accessories

These allow you to create a weatherproof and secluded area, giving you privacy when you need it.

Ares or Iris box awnings, Wooden Blinds or Sliding Panels (check for restrictions) are just a few of the avant-garde and effi cient systems that will enhance the aesthetics of your pergola.

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Installation types

Cortinadecor is giving you the chance to extend your livable space at home or at work, with no building work necessary due to the bioclimatic pergola self-supporting structure.

There are various modular options, with the possibility of adding on other pergolas which share the same columns. This brings a tailored solution to each project, with diff erent forms and sizes adapted to diff erent buildings.

Since the construction process is not limited to one specifi c step, the pergola can be custom-built.

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