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Childs Roller blinds

Roller Shade for Kids. Let your kid choose! More than 50 different design. Printed and personalized with his/her name. Shipping in 5 days. Made to measure.
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Production time
5 Working days

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From: 58.39 €

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*Width 60-200CM
*Drop 60-300CM

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Estores infantiles totalmente hechos a medida en Cortinadecor
Customize your blind child with the name of the most kids in the house, now in Cortinadecor you can customize your shade at no additional cost thus giving a twist.
The blinds Children of Cortinadecor, are made of woven resin-Corti, is a fabric made of 100% polyester in a wide range of colors, but for this kind of blinds we will use based on White. This type of fabric is ideal for use in wet environments, why is manufactured with an anti bacterial treatment.

We can also highlight of this material, which is an environmentally friendly fabric and that its composition is free of PVC and halogen. Therefore this material is ideal for the manufacture of infant Blinds thus respecting and protecting your favorite play areas, rest, etc ... In short, a durable, comfortable, easy cleaning and maintenance at a very affordable price.
un montón de opciones para configurar tu estor infantil como más te guste

Do you want to learn some client´s opinions regarding Cortinadecor blinds?

"Below we are sharing some client´s opinions regarding our products."
"Yes I am going to recommend them to other people, as the order for blinds arrived as we wanted them and above all because of the speed with which they were sent. Perfect, brillant."
"Very satisfied. I was recommended and would also recommend them to other people."
"Photograph blind of good quality and easy to install."
"Very satisfied with the result."
"Delivery super fast, the blinds of good quality and very easy to hang."
"Great quality in the blind materials."
"I would recommend you to other people for your speed and service."
"Everything as expected, without surprises. Quality products."
"Very satisfied with the result."

Useful advice for decorating with Children´s blinds

  1. Paint the walls in neutral colours so that the children´s blinds are highlighted and give life to the room.
  2. Combine the colours of the prints on the children´s blinds with the rest of the room´s decoration, for example, with bedding, pillows and cushions.
  3. Personalize the child´s blind adding the name of the little one.
  4. 7. You can paint one or all of the room´s walls with one of the colours of the print on the child´s blind, this way you will achieve a harmonious and professional decoration.

Maintenance of children´s blinds

  1. Children´s blinds are made from 100% polyester, you can clean them easily using a damp cloth, their material is resistant to humidity and totally antibacterial.
  2. We would recommend you don´t use strong cleaning products made with detergents or chemicals, as these can affect the print and damage the blind. Children´s blinds can be cleaned using only water.

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