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To do click in is equivalent to realize a rapidity and sure purchase that contributes beauty, style and solar protection at home or office. Versatility in styles, guarantee in all the components and rapidity in the delivery they are the advantages that distinguish Cortinadecor. It is not necessary go out of house or office to dress the windows in the most functional and favouring style. Cortinadecor offers purchase online experience, more comfortable and competitive of market and especially, made to measure.


With 50 years of experience in marketing textile and ten as pioneering in the sale online of roller blinds, curtains, Venetians, Japanese panels, vertical muds, mosquiteras and clothes of bed… Cortinadecor is a Spanish company that puts at ability of the client the most ample scale of colors and designs that they can select and buy comfortably opposite to the computer and to install then without help of third. This way easy, fast and sure.


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The experience of buy only needs three very simple steps: choose a type of curtain or roller blind and the wished color, introduce the measurements of the hollow or space to cover to obtain the budget, to pay and list. The logistics of the delivery to domicile is systematized in order that the client receives his order in an average from five to ten days and begins to enjoy, from the first one, a curtain elaborated to measurement and a was guarantee of 3 years in mechanisms, accessories and supplies.


Cortinadecor takes a follow-up online of every order due to professional equipment that offers support in all the stages of the purchase: since the client chooses until he establishes himself. With web tutorials and client service, do not stay doubt without response.


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Style and Economy.


The categories of Cortinadecor's products (roller blinds, curtains, Venetians, Japanese panels, vertical muds, mosquito nets and bed clothes) offer in a varied range of colors and styles, offer different degrees of solar protection and adapt to different environments. From the most technical and innovative fabrics up to the classic ones that reach glamour and intimidate, there is one for every taste, need and pocket. Discounts, promotions, contests and his diverse methods of payment and financing adapt to the possibilities of all.


Cortinadecor works with Spanish materials and workforce, contributing the value of the national thing to his commercial offer. Besides selling in the whole Spain, he attends orders in whole Europe.


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Leading the way in technology and research of new textile components for the curtains and blinds, offers quality and durability and is adjusted to the new trends in decoration and design. Chalets, restaurants, boats, schools, homes, public and private offices and big installation already known as personal shopping experience, interactive and tailored to Cortinadecor.


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In Cortinadecor manufacture made-to-measure, using modern methods and quality materials.



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