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Rails for Japanese panels

Rails for Japanese panels

When we are going to install Japanese panels in our house, we arises a series of doubts that we will try to clarify in this explanation. Each house is different so each explanation would have an explanation but there are some guidelines that are important of continuing, so that when you we place Japanese panel, it should be equal of decorative that practical and functional.

Types of opening of the Japanese Panel

Left pick up:

When all panels pick up left looking at the window.

Right pick up:

When all panels pick up right looking at the window.

Both sides pick up:

When the panels pick up both sides.

apertura izquieda panel japones apertura derecha panel japones apertura ambos lados panel japones

How to measure the rail

When you want the panel go wall to wall: It is the easiest solution, we measure where we want to start the rail to where we want it to end, it is important to calculate that opening the rail the panels lie outside the door or window so we can open it correctly. The advice in this case is that the opening of the rail becomes central.

Japanese panels measurement guide

How to install the Japanese panels

How to calculate the width of each panel

To calculate the width of each panel is a very simple formula applicable to all the Japanese Panels: rail width divided by the number of panels and adding 7 cm. the total. For example, if we have a 2m rail and want 4 Panels result will be: 200cm / 4 = 50cm. +7 Cm = 57cm. In this case, our panel measures 57cm would.

riel panel japones 2 y 3 vías riel panel japones 4 y 5 vías