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How to purchase in Cortinadecor

Step 1 - Choose the product

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How can I pay in Cortinadecor?

Cortinadecor offers you four different methods of payment: by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal or financed by Cetelem.

Credit card

Bank transfer


Finance with Cetelem

Important information about payments with 50% by cash on delivery

If you have chosen a mode of payment of 50% must know that you must pay the rest when your order arrives at your home. Otherwise, the transports agency can’t deliver the order. Moreover, you must pay the exact amount.

Note that carriers only accept cash payments, you can’t pay by credit card, cheques or similar.

For this reason, we recommend to have prepared the exact amount, to avoid these problems with your order.

If for some reason, you can’t pay when your order arrives at your home, our carrier will deliver it next day in order to you have time to prepare the payment.

Track my order

Cortinadecor, from the moment you pay until you receive your order, send you several emails in which we will keep you informed at all times the payment mode and the status of your order. The first that you will receive is the order confirmation. The second informs about the payment and the status of your order, and the third with the invoice and the shipping date of your order. Similarly, in Cortinadecor user account, you can check if the order was properly registered.

Also note that if you pay by Paypal or by credit card the payment is immediate and we will put your order in manufacturing stage in this moment, but if the payment is a bank transfer, it will arrive to Cortinadecor from 2 to 4 working days, according to the bank you use.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs

Guarantee of our products

During the first three years, anyone of the control mechanism or placement accessories of our products are guaranteed. If there is a problem with these mechanisms or brackets, we will send you these to replace WITHOUT COST.


Buy secure in Cortinadecor

CONFIANZA ONLINE is the first system of self-regulation that has been recognized by the Spanish authorities with the “Trust online Public Distinctive” for compliance with the requirements of 292/2004 Royal Decree, of 20 of February. 

By the mere fact of their membership CONFIANZA ONLINE, CORTINADECOR assumes the following commitments: 

1. Respect the rules of the “Ethic Code of Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising” of CONFIANZA ONLINE in their advertising activities and/or contractual transactions with customers made through electronic means of distance communication.

2. Submit to the jury of self-control advertising for the resolution of claims for alleged infringement of the “Ethic’s Code” rules in connection with advertising

3. Submit to arbitration by the Consumption Arbitration Meeting for resolution of the claims made for alleged infringement of the “Ethic’s Code” rules relating to electronic contracting with customers, when its haven’t been resolved through adigital mediation. Abide and comply immediately with the content of decisions given by the National Consumption Arbitration Meeting.

Customer support

In Cortinadecor we have a customer support number, in which a professional team will attend you to advise or solve any kind of problem you can have when you visit our website.

TELEPHONE: 966 181 033

Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 13:30 // 16:30 - 20:00
Saturday: 09:30 -13:30