Pleated Curtains made to measure

Designed to provide you with a superior experience in terms of comfort and energy efficiency, our pleated curtains are the perfect choice for your home.

Imagine being able to easily and efficiently control the light and temperature of your rooms. Our thermal pleated curtains are experts at retaining heat during the cold months and blocking excess heat during the hot months, resulting in significant energy savings. Not only will you be taking care of the environment, but you will also reduce your energy expenses.
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40 x 60 cm
Pleated Curtains Easy Fit no-drill thermal pleated blinds
Pleated Curtains Perfect Fit no-drill thermal pleated blinds
Pleated Curtains Standard thermal pleated blinds
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How to install thermal pleated blinds without drilling

For a simple, non-damaging and effective installation, we recommend our range of 'no-drill' products custom-made. Within this collection, you can find different models. For pleated curtains, we offer the Perfect Fit and Easy Fit models.

To learn about the differences between these two models and understand how their simple installation is done, we have provided these videos showing you how easy it is to decorate your home efficiently and effortlessly.

Video: Installation of Easy Fit pleated curtains
Video: Installation of Perfect Fit pleated curtains
Made-to-measure thermal pleated curtains

The custom-made thermal pleated curtains by Cortinadecor are the most effective solution for maintaining a stable temperature throughout the day and night. The honeycomb fabric structure, , prevents temperature exchange between the interior and exterior of the room, greatly assisting us in managing energy consumption at home.

Thanks to its intelligent design, you can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as this product acts as a thermal barrier, reducing heat transfer and helping save energy.

Available in various installation systems and in both translucent and opaque fabrics , they adapt to any type of window or need. From the option without screws with magnetic attachment to the traditional model with wall or ceiling anchoring.

Video installation of pleated curtains
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