Shutter blinds made to measure

Shutter blinds allow us to insulate our home by reinforcing the windows, both in terms of privacy and insulation. A good exterior aluminum or pvc shutter blind will even allow us to increase energy efficiency, protecting us from the weather and maintaining the temperature of the house in a natural way. Cortinadecor shutter blinds are of high quality and durability. Choose the model according to the needs of your window and buy now your made to measure shutter blinds.
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40 x 60 cm
Shutter blinds External rolling shutters with drawer
Shutter blinds Aluminum rolling shutters
Shutter blinds PVC roller shutters
Shutter blinds Aluminium venetian blinds
Types of roller shutters

We can find different types of rolling shutters depending on the material they are made of.

Aluminum shutters

Aluminum shutters

They are made of aluminum slats, this type of shutter is the most commonly used at present. Aluminum is a material that resists climatic agents better, so its use as an exterior shutter is more advisable and its duration in terms of useful life is longer. However, its acoustic and thermal insulation is somewhat lower than PVC blinds due to the conductivity of the material. If, for example, we are looking for a blind for a house, establishments or stores where the resistance and durability of the material is indispensable, this would be the best option thanks to its resistance. In addition, they are also better able to withstand blows or even fire.

PVC shutters

PVC shutters

They are made of hard plastic sheets that offer great quality at the best price. They are advisable in case we want to reinforce the insulation of the windows of our home, since the plastic makes this model a great insulating shutter, acoustically and thermally. Specifically, PVC insulates more than aluminum, so PVC shutters are the most valued in terms of insulation. On the other hand, they are less resistant to the passage of time. Efficient insulation will provide us with more confort and will help us to maintain an ideal temperature in the home, therefore, we will benefit from a small energy saving in our bills.

Benefits of installing roller shutters

It is important to have a solar and thermal protection barrier on the windows being an indispensable element to bring benefits to your home. indispensable element to bring benefits to your home.

Highly resistant

Highly resistant

Sun protection

Sun protection

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

Energy savings

Energy savings
Properties of roller shutters

Aluminum Shutter
PVC shutter

Thermal insulation

Acoustic insulation

Available colors

Replacing with new blinds is quick and easy

Here you can have a look at our measurement guides and installation guides.

Replacement of louver cloth
Video cover Cortinadecor
Replacement of shutter cloth and accessories
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External motorized aluminum rolling shutters

The most advanced motorized aluminum rolling shutter on the market, which does not require electrical pre-installation, as it contains a powerful battery-powered motor charged by a solar panel. High quality, with pre-lacquered aluminum drawer. It presents a wide chromatic range providing sophistication and protection to your facade.

External motorized aluminum rolling shutter 2
External motorized aluminum rolling shutter 3
Why motorize your home?

Energy saving: These blinds are charged by a battery connected to a solar panel. The solar rechargeable batteries are charged using the sun's energy, so you don't have to worry about charging anything. The charge life of these batteries is between 3-4 months.

Convenience: Motorized blinds can be opened and closed with the push of a button on a remote control, making them ideal for people who have difficulty moving around or for those seeking greater comfort in their home.

Security: motorization is an added value to security, which helps to protect your home.

Customization: as all our products are made to measure, if you have doubts about which is the best option for your window or if you want to change your old blind, you can use the free fotodecor service, so that you will be completely satisfied.

Motorized exterior aluminum roller shutter 4
Venetian blinds

In addition to protecting your windows with exterior shutters, you can also install extra protection from the inside. Such asour aluminum venetian blinds, wood venetian blinds, wood effect venetian blinds, non-drilled venetian blinds and PVC venetian blinds.

The advantage of installing this type of Venetian blinds is to be able to control and graduate the entrance of light. With an elegant and minimalist design, they are made to measure, in different types of finishes.

Its maintenance is really easy, with a feather duster you will quickly remove dust, you only have to worry about getting comfortable and enjoy the comfort offered by this type of blind protection and enjoy the comfort offered by the protection of this type of blinds

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Materials available


Aluminium venetian blinds


Wooden venetian blinds


PVC Venetian blinds
Find out how easy they are to measure and install

Here you can have a look at our measurement guides and installation guides.

Quick installation of aluminum venetian blinds

Video cover Cortinadecor

Quick installation of wooden venetian blinds

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Quick installation of aluminum venetian blinds Without Drilling

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Fast installation of perfect fit venetian blinds without drilling

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Frequent questions

1. Built-in or wooden box:
These are usually old, built-in, wall-mounted, wood-panelled drawers.
Most of them usually have PVC shutters installed.

2. Compact Box:
This is what is currently found in most windows, a compact aluminium box.
Both aluminium and PVC blinds can be installed.
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1. Disc
2. Shaft
3. Bracket y wheel
4. Nozzle
5. Tapes
6. Shutter
7. Stop shutter
8. Reduce the width of the channels
9. Container Box
10. Belt
11. Pully cover
12. Pully wheel
13. Belt roller

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