Awnings made to measure

Awnings in Cortinadecor at the best price, are the ideal option as solar protection, covering a space protecting a certain area from the elements, as well as a decoration element. In the case of commercial establishments, they highlight the place where they are placed.
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40 x 60 cm
Awnings Awnings for windows and facades
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The first measure we must take if we want to protect our home from the sun is to place a good awning that fits the characteristics of each window or space. of each window or space. In this way we will put solution to the rise in temperature at home before we even notice it. Installing sun protection systems on the facade or in your garden or patio, ensures proper protection against UV rays and heat and allows you to ventilate with total freedom. Enjoy the coolness offered by the shade in summer with one of the many varieties and models of awnings that we offer you in Cortinadecor and do not leave it for next year.

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Types of awnings

Straight point awning

Straight stitch awnings
Straight stitch awnings are designed to protect windows installed on facades. This classic model is a basic that can not miss if you want a stable and cool temperature in summer. stable and cool temperature in summer. Ensure a cool temperature in your home by placing blinds on all your windows - you will notice the difference!

Blind awning

Blind awning
This model of awning blind is the most appropriate for balconies because of its simplicity and operation. It protects you from direct sunlight and, in addition, it can be to the railing for greater support and stability. Available in different shades, order your free samples now!

Ext. arm box awning

Extendable arm box awning
If you want ample shade and a durable system, we recommend our extendable arm cassette awnings. This model provides you with shade and is recommended for terraces, patios and gardens. In addition, it is a very durable system, since, when the fabric is collected, it remains inside the cassette protected from rain and inclement weather. from rain and inclement weather until its next use.

Pallet awning

Pallet awning
If you have a large space such as a garden or a large rooftop, we recommend our palilleros awnings. Available in different varieties according to your needs, they provide ample shade and ensure the correct ventilation of the space so that you can enjoy your space during the day in total comfort.

Downspout awning

Downspout awnings
Drop awning: Drop awnings are the system you need to create a pleasant atmosphere at any time of the year. Whether on a porch or a pergola Whether on a porch or a pergola, you can install this system and enjoy your porch or garden all twelve months of the year.

Wind zip screen awning

Wind zip screen awning
Discover the Wind Zip Screen model for large windows. It can be installed on any type of window, anchored to the exterior opening, with micro-perforated screen fabric that lets light through but protects light but protects from UV rays and saves energy. Combines with blinds and awnings to prevent the entry of heat.
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