At Cortinadecor, we try to give our customers the maximum facilities when purchasing our products. That is why we have created an insurance for you: Cortiseguro.

If for any reason you have made a mistake when taking the measurements of your curtain or blind, you can rest assured. With the new free insurance, we will fix it or send you a new one.

If you have made a mistake with the measurements and you need another one, you will only have to pay 12.90€

. In case the measurements are now higher, you will have to pay this 12.90 euros plus the difference in price.

You must take into account that, the Cortiseguro, replaces the wrong product with another of the same characteristics of your initial order. In no case will the cash money of the product be refunded, nor will it be possible to change the type of fabric or the colour of the product.

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All the products we offer are fully guaranteed for the first 3 years , any of the accessories for the operation or installation of our blinds, curtains, Japanese panels, vertical slats, Venetian blinds or mosquito nets.

In Cortinadecor we offer you the possibility of replacing any mechanism of your curtain or blind even if it is out of warranty and as long as it is one of our products, giving you the possibility of replacing the damaged part without having to change the whole curtain or blind.

Any product that has been tampered with by the customer before being returned or replaced is exempt from warranty.