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In this section you can see all the categories of blinds Cortinadecor has prepared for you, in our catalog you will find blinds of any kind from roller blinds to folded blinds, so you can find the most suitable for your taste, we also have a wide range of colors which are sure to suit what you are looking for in any room of your home, you also have the option of making personalized blinds by choosing one of the more than eighteen million photographs that we have available to you or uploading your own photo.
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Roller Blinds

One of the main solar protection systems is the motorized roller blinds, a high-quality product with components and accessories ideal for meeting the needs of each window. This product offers three types of fabric: screen, translucent, and blackout.


Screen roller blinds
The screen is a technical fabric made up of fiberglass and pvc or polyester and pvc. It is ideal for your home or office, but also for any public space as it has a fire retardant treatment certified by the EU. Its micro perforation allows you to see outside while protecting you from the sun. In addition, there are various degrees of opening so that you can choose the fabric that best suits your needs.


Translucent roller blinds
Cortinadecor's translucent roller blinds offer a wide range of colours. This material is optimal for use in humid environments thanks to its antibacterial treatment. We can also highlight that it is a fabric that allows light to pass through while It gives you privacy since they will not be able to see you from outside. In short, it is a very durable fabric that is easy to clean and maintain at a very affordable price.


Opaque roller blinds
When our blackout blinds are down, they give us total darkness as it is a 100% Black Out fabric, even in broad daylight. They are highly recommended in rooms where we need total darkness or if we have windows without blinds. In addition to protecting you from the heat, are also ideal for projection rooms, hotels, hospitals and schools as they have the class 1 flame retardant certificate.

Custom and printed blinds

Do you need to customize blinds with your company logo? Do you need blinds for the little ones at home with fun drawings? At Cortinadecor, you can print on your screen, translucent, or blackout blind your own photo or any from our extensive image bank. We also offer everal collections of printed blinds and blinds with juvenile or children's themes.


Custom blinds


Children's blinds


Youth blinds


Custom blinds

Tool less blinds, forget about making holes

In our range of drill-free blinds, you will find the perfect option for your windows or French doors and hinged doors with screen, translucent, and opaque fabric choices. Additionally, the installation of these products is tool-free, and you won't damage the windows as you won't need to make any holes to have them perfectly installed. It's very easy – with your order, you will receive everything you need for assembly, which will take you no more than 5 minutes. In no time, your blinds will be ready to enjoy and securely fixed to your window. Enter and discover the different models!

Blinds without drilling

SmartView motorized blinds, control them from your mobile phone

If you're looking for comfort and automation when managing your blinds, you'll be interested in our SmartView motorized roller blinds. They can be controlled through your mobile phone and require no electrical pre-installation, so there's no need for any prior construction or electrical connection in the home. Simply install your blinds, control them from your mobile phone, and when the battery runs out, you can charge it overnight with the charging cable, thanks to its high-durability lithium battery. Additionally, they are available in screen, translucent, and opaque fabric options. Visit the available models!

Motorized roller blinds

Double blinds

Double blinds are ideal for windows where you need protection both during the day and at night. If you don't have shutters, the blackout blind is a essential in the home to achieve complete darkness and ensure restful sleep, and to bring in brightness during the day, it is combined with another translucent blind that provides privacy and protects against direct sunlight.

Double roller blinds

100% functional day and night blinds

The day and night blinds are composed of a fabric with translucent and transparent strips. The two layers of fabric that make up the blind alternate over each other, allowing light to pass through or blocking it. The Day and Night fabric has a composition of 100% polyester and is available in many shades and textures. It is the ideal blind if you want to be able to adjust the light at any time of the day.

Day and night blinds
Fold and flat blinds, a renewed classic

Fold and flat blinds continue to be at the forefront of decoration in many homes because their functionality, design, and price make them one of the most attractive made-to-measure curtains. They can be found in a myriad of fabrics and colors. Additionally, with their simple velcro system, you only have to gently pull the fabric and detach it from the rail to be able to wash the material and put it back effortlessly.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

The folding model has horizontal rods that hold the fabric from end to end and when raising or lowering our blind, the rods achieve a straight and uniform fold.

Roman Blind

Roman Blind

The package model does not have these rods and their collection forms a less uniform fold, giving the fabric a more natural appearance.

What fabric or blind to choose for each room in the house?

The preliminary ideas you may have for choosing a roller blind or curtain can be varied: I need to maintain the entry of light but seek privacy, my room is very hot due to sun exposure and I need protection, I want to give a modern touch to my living room... Here are some tips. The screen fabric is ideal for solar protection with light entry. If you are looking for privacy, we recommend translucent or blackout fabrics. If you are into decoration and want to add a more personal touch to your space, you can consider fabric blinds or our printed blinds.


Kitchen blinds

Printed roller blinds for the kitchen are the most popular, with fun designs such as Coffee Time or Phrases for the kitchen. The fabric that is chosen is the screen for its easy maintenance.


Blinds for the bedroom

In rest areas such as bedrooms, fabrics such as cotton and linen. If the window does not have blinds, you can install an opaque or night and day blind.


Bathroom blinds

Moisture-resistant roller shades are ideal. Those made with screen or resin fabric are the best.

Living room or dining room

Paqueto blinds for the dining room

In these areas you will have to choose depending on the style of decoration you have. The screen is the most resistant option. And the folding or package too since its maintenance is very simple.

Find out how easy they are to measure and install

Here you can have a look at our measurement guides and installation guides.

Quick installation of Perfect Fit roller blinds

Video installation of Perfect Fit roller blinds

Quick installation of SmartView motorized blinds

Video installation of night and day blinds

Installation of roller blinds without drilling

Video installation of roller blinds

Quick installation of roller blinds

Video installation of roller blinds
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