Latest trends in blinds and

Latest trends in blinds and curtains

In this section you will find information about the latest trends and news in solar protection systems and decoration for your home. Cortinadecor presents news in materials and textures, new locking systems and, above all, the latest innovations in our wide range of custom-made products.

Screen, the new generation in solar protection fabrics

Screen is a new technical fabric with excellent sun protective properties, made with fiberglass and PVC or Polyester and PVC. It is available in several types of weaving, which varies from a 10% of openness - that allows a higher passage of light – to totally opaque. Another important property of this material is the UV protection, very useful for protecting your furniture, floors, etc. from wear, as well as allowing you to save energy since it regulates the temperature more efficiently than other types of curtains. An added feature is that no maintenance is required because you can clean it with a damp cloth and neutral soap. Moreover, it is a fireproof fabric, a key feature for its installation in large department stores, public buildings, schools, offices, etc. In short, it is an exceptional material for the manufacturing of Screen Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Japanese panels.

screen, la nueva generacion de estores screen, la nueva generacion de estores

Screen Roller Blinds

Our custom-made Screen Roller Blinds are ideal for any kind of stay, with a wide variety in colours and fabrics. You can buy our roller blinds with classic chain or motorised, with different types of terminations and supports and, above all, with the best guarantee offered by Cortinadecor. Calculate your free quote now.

You may be also interested in our Screen Japanese Panels or our Screen vertical blinds.

screen, la nueva generacion de estores screen, la nueva generacion de estores screen, la nueva generacion de estores

More roller blinds than you can imagine!

If you haven’t still found what you are looking for, here we will show you a selection of our other products which enjoy very good acceptance among our customers for both their fabrics and colours as for their exceptional finishes.

One of our more requested roller blinds is the Night and Day Roller Blinds. This new roller blind with a fabric making that alternates coloured horizontal lines with translucent ones and its new support mounting system allows us to regulate the daylight. In this way, if the colour lines coincide, we will create the ‘day effect’. Otherwise, if the colour lines cover the translucent ones, we will create a ‘night effect.’ Here you have an installation video to see how these blinds finish the house off completely and their spectacular effect.

mas enrollables de lo que te imaginas mas enrollables de lo que te imaginas

But if you are looking for plain or patterned coloured fabrics you will be able to choose among a wide range of fabrics with different textures and compositions, polyester and fibre fabrics which don’t need to be washed in a washing-machine (they will be kept as new only using a damp cloth), or patterned fabrics with funny and coloured designs for the kitchen or the dining room.

Photographic blinds, print whatever you want!

One of the most interesting innovations in interior decoration are the new Custom roller blinds where you can print the photo you want, a landscape, a city, an abstract drawing, etc. You can choose a photo from our high resolution image bank or send us your own photo and we will tell you if it’s valid for printing. The high quality printing with special solvent inks to avoid sun damage and the screen material used for printing, make this product an exceptional, highly durable one. The images can be printed in translucent Screen or opaque Screen, depending on the amount of light you want to pass.

estores fotograficos para que imprimas lo que quieras estores fotograficos para que imprimas lo que quieras

And if you want to customize your children rooms, Cortinadecor has created a collection of drawings and childish patterns which can be printed on a resin-coated (water resistant) mite-proof and PVC free material. Moreover, the blind can be fully customized by printing the child’s name with no additional cost.

estores fotograficos para que imprimas lo que quieras estores fotograficos para que imprimas lo que quieras estores fotograficos para que imprimas lo que quieras

Japaneses Panels, an elegant and practical solution

This type of curtains is ideal for covering floor-to-ceiling windows, so you can finish a large zone in a simple and stylish way. This type of curtain consists of a rail which is fixed to the ceiling, panels fixed to the top end with a resistant Velcro and a weight at the bottom that allows the material to remain always straight.

Within the Japanese panels, Cortinadecor offers you a great variety of materials in order to choose your made-to-measure panel: plain fabrics, with embroideries, highly durable technical materials, Screen fabrics with different openness. Moreover, you can combine different colours and textures within the same panel in order to fully customize your request. All our Japanese Panels are prepared for installing them yourself easily.

paneles japoneses, una solucion elegante y practica paneles japoneses, una solucion elegante y practica

Vertical Slats Blinds

Vertical blinds are ideal for rooms where we have large windows or high ceilings. This system allows you to control the entrance of light as you please, since the panels can be rotated 180º. Vertical blinds offer you a great variety of fabrics: translucent, technical, Screen, so you can create very special environments, from the most simple and minimalist to the most elegant and sophisticated. As well as the Japanese panels, you can combine fabrics and colours when you place your order. The slat width can be 89 mm or 127 mm.

cortinas lamas verticales cortinas lamas verticales

One of the most interesting and most accepted innovations which have come onto the market within this product line is the Photographic Vertical Slat Blinds. This product is designed in order to allow the printed photo on one side and the fabric we choose on the other side. There are five different fabrics available and more than 15 high-resolution photos. In this case, the slat width is 127mm or 250 mm, and they have different bottom terminations. Check out our made-to-measure vertical slat blinds.

cortinas lamas verticales cortinas lamas verticales

Wooden, Aluminium and PVC undeformable Ventian Blinds

Do you want a Venetian Blind? Now you have no excuse, because in Cortinadecor we have every type of made-to-measure Venetian blinds. You can find the traditional aluminium venetian blind with a wide variety of colours - more than 150 colours to choose from! - and slat width (16mm, 25 mm or 50 mm). If you need a warmer Venetian blind, we have various wooden models with different finishes (gloss or matt) and slat width (50 mm or 70 mm), with fireproof treatment and even water repellent treatment conceived to highly humid environments like bathrooms, saunas, etc.

But if you need resistance we recommend you our PVC undeformable blinds. The property of this type of blinds is that if they bend, then they always return to their original shape without leaving marks or bends. In short, a collection of colours and materials suitable for each taste and for each home. Choose now your own by clicking

cortinas venecianas. aluminio, pvc o madera cortinas venecianas. aluminio, pvc o madera cortinas venecianas. aluminio, pvc o madera