Cortinas made to measure

Hundreds of models and colors of Curtains available in Cortinadecor at the best price, we have a great selection to decorate any room of your home whatever your taste, our curtains are made to measure and we always offer the latest in fashion and decoration.
From 30.5€
40 x 60 cm
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Custom fabric curtains

Cortinadecor's made-to-measure fabric curtains will dress your room in the way more elegant and traditional. We are sure that you will find the model that will be perfect for your stay: vaporous, opaque, light, with linen, cotton or viscose. The most successful confection is the Perfect Wave, its smooth lines will provide a relaxed, warm and welcoming touch.

Original finishes

You will love the Stropicciato finished fabrics of the Oasis and Simi models. It is about of a heat treatment that offers the fabric a finish with wrinkled texture that provides a casual touch to the room. In addition, the Oasis model offers an interesting finish bright when hit by light.

Natural finishes

The Linodes and Lino Corti net curtains are made of lino and polyester and therefore offer a very natural environment. The lino is light, breathable and regulates temperature, providing softness and warmth. You'll also like the Rustic Linen, which goes great with decors from rustic or bohemian style.

Rail, bar or just fabric?

When purchasing a custom-made curtain, the doubt may arise as to where will it be installed? With the order you will receive the fabric with the clothing, Selected color and size. At Cortinadecor we have a collection of rails and bars so you can choose the one that best suits your stay. If you already have your rail or bar and you only want the fabric, you have no more to take the measurements of your rail or bar and order your fabric.

Hotel curtains

Our special curtains for hotels , cover all the needs that this type of establishment needs. We have a wide range of colors and types of fabrics flame retardant certified by the EU. And of course fabrics Black Out to darken guest rooms. For this type of installation we have special prices depending on the number of units we provide to your Hotel and of course we have un installation service so that your curtains are perfect.

Estores noche y día

What is Aquaclean technology?

Aqua Clean technology offers immediate cleaning with water removing small stains such as wine or coffee. This technology is really useful in homes with children and in dining rooms.

Estores cortiglass
Pleated Curtains

Pleated shades are undoubtedly the new method of sun protection that you can combine many needs today. With a minimalist and unconventional design they provide effective protection against solar rays and maintains your privacy as we can found in certified flame-retardant, translucent or opaque fabrics.

The package model does not have these rods and their collection forms a less uniform fold, giving the fabric a more natural appearance.

More curtainscurtains

Fitting room

We also have opaque fabrics for the curtains of the testers of your store or business.


You can find special curtains for hospitals with Sanitized treatment and fire retardant certificate.

Outer curtain

We also offer outdoor curtains made of PVC strips, for protect your interior in summer.

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