Corti Glass roller blinds (3 productos)

New Corti Glass roller blinds are ideal for installation on doors and casement windows, as your guided blind system make our stay always stuck to our window frame. You can choose a translucent fabric with a range of 40 colors or opaque fabric with 14 different colors. You can also select the color of the aluminum with a plain colored vvariedad anodized and wood effect.
From 47.2€
40 x 60 cm
Translucent Corti Glass Roller Blinds
Fit on window
Estores corti glass
Translucent Corti Glass Roller Blinds
+ 37 colors
47.2€ -15%
From 40.12 €
Envío en 2 días
Screen Corti Glass Roller Blinds
Fit on window
Estores corti glass
Screen Corti Glass Roller Blinds
+ 8 colors
52€ -15%
From 44.2 €
Envío en 3 días
Blackout Corti Glass Roller Blinds
Fit on window
Estores corti glass
Blackout Corti Glass Roller Blinds
+ 14 colors
49.6€ -15%
From 42.16 €
Envío en 3 días

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Learn more about Corti Glass roller blinds

Corti Glass roller blinds are characterized by a system of fixed mountings in the frame of the window or folding door.

They are perfect for doors or windows which are constantly being opened or closed, easily graduating the passage of light and maintaining a modern designer look.

Corti Glass roller blinds come in different options, from opaque to translucent and in a wide range of colours.

How to install Corti Glass roller blinds?

The installation of Corti Glass roller blinds, despite the fact that this is directly in the window or door, is sufficiently easy for you to do yourself.

Useful tips when decorating with Corti Glass roller blinds.

  1. If you need to lighten internal spaces in the house, you can choose translucent or light coloured Corti Glass blinds, which come with different degrees of opacity adjusting to the different needs of each client.
  2. If you want complete opacity in rooms that don´t have external Persian blinds you can choose from the Corti Glass opaque range.
  3. If you want to brighten the lounge, we recommend you choose from a wide range of the colours in the Corti Glass blinds range.
  4. Depending on the decoration of your home, you can choose between Corti Glass roller blinds in a wide variety of colours or imitation wood achieving a versatile and modern style.

Advice for maintenance

  1. Alway check the maker´s instructions for washing instruction before proceeding.
  2. Corti Glass roller blinds do not require maintenance, because its texture does not allow the accumulation of dust. If the blind is dirty after time you can clean the surface simply by rubbing gently with a damp cloth. Avoid using detergents and chemicals that can damage the fabric of the blind.
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