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Custom curtains and roller blinds

Find what you are looking for easily

Our online store is optimized so you can buy without problem with any device, whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Although we also have a physical store located in Alicante if you get caught nearby and want to pay us a visit.

In our online store we have a wide variety of products, fabrics and colors of solar protection made to measure, that's why we have organized them in large blocks, where you will find the different types of curtains and blinds that this sector offers today. In each group we have a generic selection for each type of curtain or blind, with summary information of each product so you can quickly find what you need.

In these sections you can see product images, descriptions and direct links so you can configure and acquire any of them.

Next, we leave you the main products that we have in Cortinadecor.


Select the product you need

Once you have decided what type of curtain or blind you need, it is time to configure it to your needs, because that is what differentiates us from others, our products are manufactured as you want, to your needs, so that the final result be the expected and do not take surprises when receiving it at home.

Set up my customized product

The first thing we have to choose in our product is the type of material with which we want to be manufactured. Here depending on the product we have selected we can choose between a type of fabric or fabric if we want some curtains or blinds, or the type of material, if we need Venetian blinds. We have fabrics from Screen, Traslucent, Opaque, Printed, Pleated, Day and night and even Fireproof with European certificate. And if you need Venetian blinds you can select them in Aluminium, Wood, Bamboo o PVC.


Cortinadecor offers a great number of colors of fabrics and materials, all of them with certificates of quality and resistance. But the most important thing is that in Cortinadecor we do not want you to feel cheated by what you see on a screen, we give you the option that before buying anything you can request samples of both fabric and materials that we offer totally free and we send them to you by mail so you can see in your home the materials and colors that you will acquire.

Look for this button in the box where you select your colors and request your samples for free!


You must indicate the WIDTH and the HEIGH in cm of your curtain and shade. If you have doubts about how to take the measurements of the product you have chosen, we have quick measurement guides of each product so you do not have any doubts. You can find in the following link all our Guides and Measurement Videos .

But in Cortinadecor we know that even with all the information you have to take your measurements correctly, we can make mistakes, we have created an insurance against measurement errors, for those cases in which we have made a mistake when indicating the measures to solve and fix the blind at no cost to you.

Here we leave you all the information of how our CortiSeguro

The option of the Cortiseguro is not in all products, you will know which one have and which do not, when you see this logo in the product configuration.

How can I pay in Cortinadecor?

Once you set up your order you can pay, by credit card, by bank transfer or Paypal. We also give you the option to finance your order through Aplazame.

Shipments ready to install

All the products that we sell in Cortinadecor come home ready to install. You will only have to place the supports or rails of your curtain or blind and hang them. It's already that easy. In addition, you can find an installation guide inside each box of your shade. You can also see our installation videos of cortinadecor products. But if you are not a handyman and you prefer us to install it, we have a customized measurement and installation service so you do not worry about anything.

Products with Warranty

In Cortinadecor we offer you in all the supports and mechanisms of our products 3 years warranty.

Find what you are looking for easily

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Customer service

In Cortinadecor we have a customer service telephone, in which a team of professionals will assist you to advise you in any doubt that may arise or to resolve any type of problem you may have when visiting our website.

PHONE: 966 181 033

Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 13:30 // 16:30 - 20:00
Saturday: 09:30 - 13:30

You can also contact us and leave your question. We will contact you in less than 24 hours.

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