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Custom blinds con tu foto digital abstract art poster with doodle human eyes
Custom blinds con tu foto Mosaiksteine - türkis und weiß
Abstrakter Hintergrund Design
Custom blinds con tu foto Polygon Panorama
Custom blinds con tu foto colorful splash background
Custom blinds con tu foto Abstract purple paint background with marble pattern
Custom blinds con tu foto Set of minimal template in paper cut style design for branding, advertising with abstract shapes. Modern background for covers, invitations, posters, banners, flyers, placards. Vector illustration.
Custom blinds con tu foto Advance of Abstract Landscape
Custom blinds con tu foto Abstact Marble texture. Can be used for background or wallpaper
Custom blinds con tu foto Abstract collage made with scribbles  markercanyon strokesblack geometric shapes
Custom blinds con tu foto Colorful covers design set with textures. Closeup of the painting. Abstract bright hand painted background, fluid acrylic painting on canvas. Fragment of artwork. Modern art.
Custom blinds con tu foto 3D rendering of colorful abstract twisted wavy shape in motion. Computer generated geometric digital art
Custom blinds con tu foto Abstract white 3d interior with polygonal pattern on the wall
Custom blinds con tu foto A4 abstract color 3d paper art illustration set. Contrast colors. Vector design layout for banners, presentations, flyer
Custom blinds con tu foto Art summer background
Custom blinds con tu foto Colorful trendy geometric flat elements of pattern memphis. Pop art style texture. Modern abstract design poster and cover template
Custom blinds con tu foto Three paintings with marbling. Marble texture. Paint splash. Colorful fluid. It can be used for poster, brochure, invitation, cover book, catalog. Size A4. Vector illustration eps10
Custom blinds con tu foto яркий абстрактный фон
Custom blinds con tu foto abstract blue background with triangles and rectangle shapes layered in contemporary modern art design
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Client's rating about Custom blinds

Learn more about Custom Rolling Blinds

If you want to give a personal and original touch to the decoration of your home, we recommend custom roller blinds. This type of blind allows you to regulate the passage of light and get privacy in the internal spaces of the house, you can also print on them the image or picture that you like to decorate with your personality any room or room.

How to install a Custom Rolling Shutter?

To install a custom roller blind you just have to follow the steps shown below in the following video tutorial, the installation is very simple, you only need a drill and a screwdriver and in a few minutes you can enjoy a decoration with original blinds and with your personal touch.

Useful tips for decorating with custom roller blinds

Use your imagination and study all the possibilities of photographs and images well to achieve the ideal.

We recommend that the image or photograph that you choose to place in the personalized shade, combine and maintain the same harmony as the rest of the living room decoration.

You can choose between photographs or illustrations. If you decide on the blinds printed with illustrations, you will get a more creative and original style. In Cortinadecor we offer you the exclusive range of personalized blinds with illustrations by Carla Martínez Rivera.

Customized roller blinds can be used to decorate any room in the house: kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, even bathrooms. Ideally, choose a representative image for each stay.

Maintenance tips for photographic blinds

Customized roller blinds do not require an exhaustive or constant maintenance, since they are made with screen, translucent or opaque fabric, they are dust repellent and do not tend to accumulate dirt.

However, if you want to clean a custom shade you can do it by simply wiping the surface with a dry cloth or by vacuuming gently. We recommend not washing the blinds in the washing machine or immersing them in water, as the metal parts may rust and the printing may deteriorate.

Técnica Colección Carla Martinez Cortinadecor

This young designer has created an exclusive collection for Cortinadecor. This project allowed him to join the drawing with the fabric.

He chose to work with Chinese ink for the base as it gives the drawing itself an unparalleled intensity.

Second, he used watercolors because they allow a wide variety of colors and intensities.

Temática Colección Carla Martinez Cortinadecor

Urban or wilder landscapes are appropriate for dining rooms as well as for living rooms.

Food, colorful fruits and a lighter series that recalls the typical moment of the English 'tea time'

Plants, trees or exotic flowers, coexist well in the halls or in the rooms.

Transportation, bicycles and cars are suitable for amateurs of all ages.

Edición Limitada Colección Carla Martinez Cortinadecor

These drawings are made with a limited edition serial number where a maximum number of glycee copies can be reproduced, which will include a certificate of authenticity of the work.

They can only be printed on the material support offered by Cortinadecor.

Estor Colección Carla Martinez Cortinadecor
When you place an order for your exclusive blind, Cortinadecor will give you a printed A3 size sheet, numbered and signed by the artist, together with a certificate of authenticity of the work.
Tejido Colección Carla Martinez Cortinadecor

You can print your shade in three different fabrics. In screen fabric, in translucent fabric or in totally opaque fabric.

Acabado Colección Carla Martinez Cortinadecor

You have the option to select the color of the mechanisms of the chain and the type of lower termination .

Montaje Colección Carla Martinez Cortinadecor

Our blinds are so easy to install that you can do it yourself. Discover in this video how easy it is.

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