Mosquito Screens made to measure

Custom mosquito screens will provide you with greater comfort at home, allowing you to ventilate without worrying about the entry of mosquitoes, other insects, or even dust. At Cortinadecor, we manufacture them to measure to adapt to any type of window (rollable or fixed mosquito screen) or door (sliding or pleated mosquito screens, which will allow you easy opening). In addition, we compete for the best price with cheap mosquito screens on the market without compromising quality. Our models are custom-made in high-quality aluminum, a variety of colors, resistant meshes, and an easy installation system. All models come with a 3-year warranty on their mechanisms and a fiberglass fabric of maximum resistance. Take the measurements of your window, choose the type of mosquito screen you prefer, and make your purchase now!
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40 x 60 cm
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Mosquito net without drilling

Hazte con tus mosquiteras enrollables sin taladrar fabricadas a medida para tu ventana y asegura un ajuste perfecto. Fáciles de instalar, sin dañar tus ventanas o muros y con toda la calidad de los productos Cortinadecor. Coloca tus mosquiteras sin taladrar en un par de minutos y protégete de los insectos y el polen al mismo tiempo que disfrutas de la agradable brisa exterior.

Mosquitera sin taladrar
¿Cómo instalar mosquiteras enrollables sin taladrar de Cortinadecor?

Estas novedosas mosquiteras se instalan muy fácilmente sin necesidad de realizar agujeros y sin herramientas. Instaladas entre la ventana y la persiana, estas mosquiteras se fijan perfectamente gracias a sus soportes sin taldrar los cuales ejercen toda la presión necesaria para dejar el sistema perfectamente colocado y firmemente sujeto al hueco

Vídeo instalación mosquitera sin taladrar
Rolling, sliding or pleated mosquito nets?

Below, we will list the advantages of each model so that you can make the best decision for you.

Made-to-measure roller shutters

Made-to-measure roller shutters

- The best option for any type of window, they adapt perfectly to all sizes.

· Su montaje es sencillo y muy rápido. Además, ahora con opción de instalación sin taladrar para que puedas disfruar de tus mosquiteras sin dañar tus ventanas o muros

- They have a roll-up spring to prevent the mosquito net from being raised incorrectly.

- Anti-wind system to prevent the protective mesh from coming off, thanks to an internal brush. We guarantee total closure in all adverse circumstances.

Custom pleated mosquito nets

Custom pleated mosquito nets

- Undoubtedly, the best option for doors with a lot of traffic.

- Very simple closing system thanks to a magnetised strip that allows a perfect closure.

- Its bottom system with chain allows smooth movement regardless of its size.

- With its adhesive bottom guide, there is no need to install any bulky profiles on the floor, making it easier for people with reduced mobility or prams to pass through.

Custom sliding mosquito nets

Custom sliding mosquito nets

- Undoubtedly the cheapest option.

- Perfect for aluminium sliding windows without bulky handles.

- Thanks to its aluminium profile, the sliding insect screen is light and easy to handle.

- Easy and screwless installation, it fits perfectly to your sliding window.

- Lower bearings to slide the insect screen smoothly over the window profile.

Why choose made-to-measure mosquito nets from Cortinadecor?

If you are fed up with bugs or mosquitoes, mosquito nets are the best solution. They installed very simply, they adapt to all types of windows and doors and allow you to enjoy the breeze in summer or ventilate your house, without worrying about a thing.



All three models are made from high quality aluminum with a durable finish. Available in a wide variety of Qualicoat-sealed colors. Thus, you will be able to match the best way possible with the finish of your windows. In addition, the fabric that blocks the passage of insects is made of maximum strength fiberglass.

Measurement and installation

Measurement and installation

At Cortinadecor we make it easy for you, you only have to measure the window opening and follow some simple installation instructions. Goodbye to mosquitoes forever!

How to install Cortinadecor roller mosquito nets?

At Cortinadecor we have set out to make your life easier and that is why all our custom-made products are considered easy-to-install products. We also have a series of installation videos for each product on our website where you can check how easy it is to is to do it yourself, getting the best result.

Video cover Cortinadecor
Video cover Cortinadecor

All our products and mechanisms have a 3-year guarantee.

Get inspired with photos from our customers

Frequent questions

No, if pets scratch or climb through the product, the mesh may tear or come off the guide.

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No, there is only the graphite color option.

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Before starting to measure, it is very important to take into account:

1. That the window is sliding.

2. The material must be aluminum.

3. That there are no protruding handles or knobs.

4. That the space between the window leaf and the frame is sufficient to allow the mosquito net to slide over the window. The quick way to do this is to put a 5 cent coin, if the coin fits in the hole, so does the mosquito net.

5. The outside profile of the “L” frame does not exceed 4 mm.

6. Finally, if our door or window is installed up to the floor or ceiling, all the top, bottom and side profiles must be at least 3 cm wide, so that the mosquito net can be fixed and slide correctly.

The width of the mosquito net must be equal to the width of one of the sashes of the sliding windows.

Height :
To measure the height, it is recommended to carry out measurements at various points of the window frame profile. At the top of the frame, the reference point is the bottom of the frame. At the bottom of the frame, the reference point is the top of the frame.

- If the height measurement is different between the side left and right, take the measurement of the middle as a reference.
- If the difference between one height and another is greater than 4 mm, the sliding mosquito net cannot be manufactured.

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