Venetian made to measure

Venetian blinds or Venetian blinds combine aesthetic finish and functionality. Thanks to its lamas with high quality finish. Made to measure in more than 100 different colors. They are ideal for any type of stay since they combine tradition and avant-garde. We can find them in three different materials, aluminum, wood or non-deformable PVC. Its versatility lies in the fact that with its simple mechanism we can completely regulate the passage of light to our house while maintaining air circulation. Its different materials and finishes make this curtain an ideal complement for any type of decoration. Its first quality materials provide us with a durable curtain at very competitive prices. Find your Venetian custom here and start enjoying a leading product in sun protection.
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What advantages do our venetian blinds have?

Their main advantage is their ability to control the amount of light you want to enter your interior. They have a simple and versatile mechanism that allows you to raise or lower the curtain and orient the slats to adjust the light. They are also very comfortable to block the passage of light maintaining air circulation in the room.

What are the advantages of our venetian blinds?

Design and decoration

Its aesthetic and functional finish make it a complement ideal for any type of decoration and they combine especially well in spaces of industrial or office inspiration. They are manufactured to measured in aluminum, wood or PVC and also its maintenance is very simple, like any element in your home, eliminating dust with a damp cloth or cloth.

Design and decoration
Available in various materials


Aluminium venetian blinds


Wooden venetian blinds


PVC Venetian blinds
Aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminum Venetian blinds are the curtains with the best value for money. We have a wide range of colors and several models of 0.21 mm thick aluminum slats, thus guaranteeing maximum resistance. They are highly resistant to the sun and you can choose between several drive systems the one that seems most comfortable for your home.

Installation on casement doors and windows

Installation on casement doors and windows

Aluminum venetian blinds also offer the possibility of installation without screws, hooking them to your window sash. So you can open and close your window freely without having to climb the Venetian. In addition, you can also choose to be guided with a steel cable hooked to the bottom of the window. This way we avoid that when opening and closing the window move or hit the venetian blind, thus avoiding deterioration. Available in 16 mm and 25 mm models.

Micro perforated slats

Micro perforated slats

Micro-perforated aluminum slats are ideal for workspaces and offices as they they offer privacy with a greater passage of light even when the curtain is closed. You will find them in the 25 mm model.

Non-deformable PVC Venetian blinds

PVC Venetian blinds are more resistant to humidity, much lighter and non-deformable. Their matte finish makes them really specials. They are ideal for spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom where there is humidity. However, it is not advisable to place them in places where they could have a high exposure to the sun, since PVC is more sensitive to heat than aluminum.

Non-deformable PVC Venetian blinds
Wooden venetian blinds

If you notice that your decoration is cold or unwelcoming, the Venetian blinds are the best solution to get that feeling of warmth in your home. They are made with lamas of natural wood resistant to deformation. Also, if you would like to put wooden blinds in the rooms more humid like the bathroom, it is also possible with the wood effect venetian blinds. They are resistant to moisture thanks to its PVC slats with an imitation wood coating.

Natural wood Venetian blinds

Natural wood Venetian blinds

Wood effect Venetian blinds

Wood effect Venetian blinds
Find out how easy they are to measure and install

Here you can have a look at our measurement guides and installation guides.

Quick installation of wooden venetian blinds

Quick installation of wooden venetian blinds

Quick installation of aluminum venetian blinds

Quick installation of aluminum venetian blinds

Quick installation of aluminum venetian blinds Without Drilling

Video installation of roller blinds

Installing perfect fit venetian blinds without drilling

Video installation of perfect fit venetian blinds without drilling
Get inspired with photos from our customers

Frequent questions

Here are some maintenance tips:

1. To remove dust, we can use a feather duster or a dust cloth.

We must not use solvents or abrasive substances that could damage the coating of the material,
such as ammonia or bleach.

Careful with wooden Venetian blinds, as they are more delicate.

Learn more: How to clean your curtains? 5 Basic Tricks

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We do not recommend this product in particular for windows that are subject to high temperatures of up to 45/55 °C, as this can cause the slats to bend.
Or because of the heat from the sun together with the glass or because of the proximity of the heating.
In this case, we recommend switching to aluminum Venetian blinds.

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The frame is the profile that attaches the glass to the window frame. There are three types of frames, the most common being the square one, but there are also round and beveled jonquils.

The back of the frame must be at least 1.5 cm long and be square, otherwise we will not be able to install our venetian blinds system. The bracket to choose should be the wall/ceiling bracket and must be fixed with special threaded aluminum sheet screws available at any hardware store.

Square frame

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There are colours that have reliefs, veins and rough effects to the touch.
 You can identify them with the term "Tx".

 For example: Nuclear tx.

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