Blackout Japanese panels (2 products)

Blackout Japanese panels, with the best fabrics, screen and embroidered Japanese panels, always made to measure
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40 x 60 cm
Opaque Corti
Opaque Corti
Japanese panels
Opaque Corti
+ 5 colors
19.23€ -30%
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Opaque Colors
Opaque Colors
Japanese panels
Opaque Colors
+ 18 colors
20.14€ -30%
From 14.1€
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Frequent questions

We do not recommend panels that are less than 40 cm wide. It is as much for an aesthetic reason as for a functional reason.

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With the opaque fabric they cannot see.

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We do not recommend panels wider than 70 cm. Panels larger than this size are very large and heavy, and may look more like doors than panels.

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You should bear in mind that the fixed panel will always be at the front of your track. That is to say: if you choose, for example, a Japanese panel with 3 panels opening to the right, the fixed panel will be the one on the right and this will be the one at the front, so that the others will accumulate behind the fixed panel.

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Ceiling installation:
They must be 1 cm or 2 cm above the ground.

Wall installation:
possible to adjust the distance in the installation.

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The opaque fabrics are made to not allow light to pass through. In this way, we get privacy and darkness, which makes them the best choice if we don't have blinds in the bedroom or in a screening room. The fabric does not let light through, but it can enter from the sides as the blind, panel or vertical slat is not fully adjusted as a blind can be.

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In this video we will show you how to cut a gutter from your Japanese panels.

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