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The best blinds and curtains for kitchens, resistant and easy to clean so they last much longer as new. You have a wide variety of products and colors to choose from, as well as prints with beautiful shapes, coffee, fruits, etc. If you like venetian blinds, you can opt for wood effect venetian blinds as they are very resistant and give a very distinctive touch to modern kitchens, place your order!

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Pleated Curtains Kitchen

Transform your kitchen into a space filled with style and functionality with our wide selection of blinds and curtains for the kitchen. With modern and elegant designs, our window solutions are specifically designed to add that special touch to your culinary space and create a cozy and cheerful atmosphere. Whatever you're looking for in your kitchen, we have it at Cortinadecor, from colorful prints to classic and elegant designs, you'll achieve a touch of style and personality. Moreover, they are made with durable and easy-care fabrics, allowing you to keep your kitchen impeccable without complications.

You have a variety of options, including sheer curtains in a range of colors and patterns, such as fruit prints or checkered designs. We also offer thermal pleated curtains that don't require drilling, providing a contemporary touch, easy installation, and better temperature insulation. Additionally, many of our models are fire-resistant curtains to prevent any risks. On the other hand, if you only need to cover the window frame, take a look at our Corti Glass blinds.

If you're seeking a more modern option for your kitchen, you can also opt for roller blinds with culinary-themed prints or double duo roll blinds to perfectly control the amount of light entering. With the Duo Roll, you can have a translucent blind to softly filter the light one day and an opaque section to provide privacy or block excessive sunlight the next day. The choice is yours. And don't miss out on the latest trend with motorized blinds. With just the push of a button, you can control the opening and closing of your blinds, offering you convenience and practicality. Imagine cooking while adjusting the amount of light and privacy with a simple gesture. It's the perfect combination of technology and design!

Renew your kitchen and give it a special touch with our blinds and curtains for kitchens. Find the perfect style that complements your decor. Don't wait any longer and transform your kitchen into a unique and cozy place!

Frequent questions

The jonquil is the profile that attaches the glass to the window frame.
There are three types of jonquils, the most common being the square one, but there are also round and beveled jonquils.

The bottom of the jonquil must be at least 2 cm long and square, otherwise it will not we can install our pleated curtains system.
1. Square jonquil.
2. beveled jonquil.
3. round jonquil.

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In this case, it could not be installed on the window frame, as it would not be possible to open them. Must be installed on the wall or ceiling.

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No. For this product, you don't need to drill holes or use any tools, as the brackets are installed in the window beading and are perfectly fixed in place.

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Special honeycomb pockets trap air and help to block outside noise for amazing thermal performance and sound insulation every single day of the year.

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If you don't want to make holes in your window, we recommend our no-drill products. Within the category of pleated curtains, you can find the Perfect Fit and Easy Fit models with translucent and opaque fabric options. The Perfect Fit system, in addition to offering installation with no-drill brackets like the Easy Fit model, offers the option of magnetic installation, although both allow for installation without tools or holes.

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The Perfect Fit system consists of an aluminum frame within which we find the pleated curtain. This frame is overlaid on the window leaf, fitted into the glass recess, and can have two installation options: standard, with brackets that fit behind the window seal; or magnetic, in which the frame is adhered to the window with double magnetic tape.

The Easy Fit system, on the other hand, does not have a frame but consists of brackets that are also placed behind the window seal and to which the curtain is attached using pins located at the ends of the cords. These cords maintain the tension of the system and allow for raising and lowering the curtain.

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No, this product does not have image printing available.

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