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White or light-colored blinds are the best-selling options, as they create a brighter and more open atmosphere. In a living room or bedroom, they can be perfect and if you want privacy you can opt, for example, for an opaque white blind. In addition, you have many shades of white for you to choose the one that best suits your decor. Ask for free samples and choose the one that best matches your decor!

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Blinds Duo Roll White

White blinds are a sophisticated and contemporary choice, perfect for those looking for an elegant and functional solution to dress their windows. A white blind not only brings that feeling of spaciousness and luminosity but is also versatile, adapting to any color palette and decorative style, whether modern, rustic, or classic. At Cortinadecor, we understand the importance of this element in the decor game, and that's why we present you with an impeccable range of different shades of white that capture the essence of simplicity and charm.

In addition to blinds, you can also find other types of products in white such as white curtains and white Japanese panels, which perfectly complement the atmosphere you want to create. Imagine a space bathed in natural light, where the serenity of white merges with the warmth of home. The white Japanese panels, with their refined aesthetic and linear structure, add a touch of oriental elegance, while the white curtains, with their soft fall, evoke a feeling of comfort and luxury.

However, not all blinds are the same, and the typology is essential to find the perfect fit. From screen roller blinds that balance natural light with privacy, to day and night blinds that alternate opaque and translucent stripes for precise light control. Whatever your choice, white is the protagonist, bringing a fresh and neat touch to any space.

At Cortinadecor, we believe that every window is an opportunity to enhance the beauty of your home. And with the white blinds, along with our wide variety of solutions in white tones, we guarantee you an unparalleled decorative experience. Dive into our wide range of solutions and discover how white can transform, revitalize, and beautify your surroundings. Let yourself be inspired and bring life to your spaces with the purity and elegance of white!

Frequent questions

The duo roll blind is made up of two roller blinds, the blind that is closest to the wall, which is glued to the wall, and the other blind in cascade.
The distance of the roller blind, provided that it is installed on the wall, is approximately 1.5 cm.

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Your order will include:
- Product made to measure and in the chosen colour.
- Brackets, screws and mechanisms.
And it will be ready for easy installation.

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The fabric combinations in the Duo roll roller blinds are already established. They are neutral colours that fit into any decor.

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