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If you opt for dark colors to cover your windows, a very elegant one is a dark green. For example, dark green curtains will give a touch of stillness and being dark, it will be elegant and subtle, being able to create contrasts with the rest of the decor. Another very common dark color is blue or dark gray. Choose your dark blinds or curtains. 

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Blinds Duo Roll Dark

When it comes to decorating your home, dark curtains or blinds are an exceptional choice that combines style and functionality. At Cortinadecor, we have a varied range of dark-toned curtains for you to choose the ones that best match your decor. It's important to note that the darkness of a curtain doesn't depend solely on its color. The color of the fabric should not be confused with the transparency of the material. For example, you can opt for a thin fabric like a sheer in a dark color. In this case, despite the dark color, a sheer will not completely block out the light. The opposite case would be opaque curtains in a light color. The combinations are endless.

Therefore, the key lies in understanding your needs when choosing your curtains or blinds, to select the transparency of the fabric and then the color. In our collection, you'll find everything from fabrics that filter light while maintaining some visibility to completely opaque fabrics that block 100% of light. For instance, we can offer you light curtains with a high opacity rate, ideal for maintaining a light aesthetic without sacrificing functionality.

In addition to controlling light, you can find curtains with different functionalities, such as fire-retardant curtains or thermal curtains. Fire-retardant curtains are a safe and durable option, especially recommended for commercial or public spaces. On the other hand, thermal curtains are perfect for keeping your home comfortable throughout the year; in winter they help retain heat and in summer they block the sun's rays, keeping spaces cooler.

At Cortinadecor, we want you to find exactly what you need for your home. That's why we offer the possibility to request free samples. This way, you can see and feel the quality and opacity level of our fabrics before making a decision. Remember, if you have doubts about which type of curtain to choose, our team of experts is here to advise and help you find the best solution for your windows. Transform your home now with our dark curtains!

Frequent questions

The duo roll blind is made up of two roller blinds, the blind that is closest to the wall, which is glued to the wall, and the other blind in cascade.
The distance of the roller blind, provided that it is installed on the wall, is approximately 1.5 cm.

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Your order will include:
- Product made to measure and in the chosen colour.
- Brackets, screws and mechanisms.
And it will be ready for easy installation.

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The fabric combinations in the Duo roll roller blinds are already established. They are neutral colours that fit into any decor.

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