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Black curtains or blinds give a very modern style to any room while providing more privacy and better filter the light. In addition, you can combine, for example, black and white curtains for a more original touch and take advantage of the benefits of these two colors. Ask for your free samples. 

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Night & Day Roller Blinds Mod. Corti Anthracite
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Night & Day Roller Blinds Mod. Corti
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Night and day roller blinds Blacks

When it comes to decorating, black curtains provide a bold and sophisticated style. At Cortinadecor, we offer an exceptional range of black blinds and curtains, such as black roller blinds to elegant black velvet curtains. The variety of models and shades of black is very high. That's why we also offer the possibility to request free samples so that you can experiment with different colors and fabrics and see how they will look with your decoration before making a decision. You won't go wrong!

Each option is designed to adapt to different environments and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect shade and texture for your space. For example, they can look great as bedroom curtains, as they will be very sophisticated and, if you choose the opaque fabric, you will create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Black opaque curtains are also a great choice if you want to block out light completely, for example, if you don't have blinds. Don't forget that you can always combine an opaque curtain with a lighter fabric that allows light in during the day. The possibilities are endless.

Another option is to combine with black velvet curtains. This type of curtain not only enhances the aesthetics of any room but also provides an excellent acoustic and thermal barrier. And if you are looking for something more dynamic, you can combine them with other colors, for example, black and white curtains create ideal contrasts in modern and avant-garde environments.

On the other hand, black blinds are a popular and more versatile option if you are looking to combine functionality with a modern design. Our black roller blinds will not only give a touch of elegance to your home but also allow you precise control of light in your spaces. The variety in blinds is also very wide. For example, you can get opaque blinds or a double blind, which combines opaque and translucent fabric for perfect light control.

If you have doubts about models, fabrics, or color combinations, at Cortinadecor, we offer professional advice totally free and without commitment, as well as samples, which you will have at your home comfortably so that you can try them to your liking and check the quality of the fabric. Discover today the difference they can make in your home!

Frequent questions

Roller blinds are made from synthetic fabrics that repel dust, especially screen and opaque fabrics. That's why we don't need to put them in the washing machine to clean them. Firstly, lower the blind until it is fully unfolded, there is no need to remove it from its supports. If it has a stain, a towel or a simple damp cloth and soap will be enough to clean it. Likewise, dust can also be removed using a vacuum or pressurized air, without scrubbing. Of course, we must not use solvents or abrasive substances that could damage the fabric coating, such as ammonia or bleach. Care should be taken with photographic blinds, as they are more delicate.

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Yes, but in this case, plugs and screws suitable for plasterboard must be used. These plugs and screws can be purchased at any hardware store.

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A night and day blind is a system that combines strips of two different textures and opacities in the same fabric: A more transparent fabric that allows the light to pass through, combined with another translucent fabric that screens and protects it from the sun. This fabric, as it is double, allows us to align the front and back strips in such a way that we can adjust them to enjoy greater or lesser clarity and passage of light.  The advantage of a night and day blind is that it provides flexibility in the control of light and privacy according to the needs of the moment. In addition, its elegant and functional design allows it to be easily integrated into the decor of any room.

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