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Pink blinds and curtains will achieve an effect of calm and serenity in the room as it is a soft and warm color. In addition, you have many shades to choose the one that perfectly suits your room. For example, mauve pink curtains, pastel, darker shades, etc. You can also order free samples.

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40 x 60 cm
Blackout Hotel Curtains Olmo 535 maquillaje
535 maquillaje
Cortinas Oscurantes Ignífugas
Blackout Hotel Curtains Olmo
535 maquillaje
+ 27 colors
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Sample cut-out
Dark Arce 465 rojo
465 rojo
Cortinas Oscurantes Ignífugas
Dark Arce
465 rojo
+ 19 colors
21.38€ -30%
From 14.97€
Sample cut-out
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Cortinas Oscurantes Ignífugas Pink

Discover the delicacy and charm of our pink blinds and curtains at Cortinadecor, an option that brings a soft and delicate touch to any space. These pink curtains are not just a fashionable trend, but they also create a cozy and warm atmosphere. They are perfect as children's curtains, providing a sweet and calm air to the little ones' rooms. Similarly, they wonderfully fit into adult bedrooms, where the decor lends itself to soft and romantic shades.

Pink curtains can play a significant role in creating personalized and stylish environments. They are an excellent option to add a touch of originality to your home, for instance, as original curtains for the kitchen, breaking away from traditional schemes and bringing a breath of fresh air to the space. Combining white blinds with pink curtains can create a balanced and harmonious contrast, utilizing the purity of white and the sweetness of pink to generate a unique ambiance.

Pink is a color that conveys serenity and tenderness, and our pink velvet curtains are the perfect embodiment of these qualities. They offer a luxurious and sophisticated look, while maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort. They are ideal for those who wish to make a style statement without sacrificing the feeling of home. In addition, pink blinds are a modern and elegant alternative that provides privacy and light control, while adding a touch of color to the room.

At Cortinadecor, we are committed to offering high-quality products that meet the needs and tastes of our customers. Our collection includes everything from pink blinds to pink velvet curtains, offering a variety of textures and shades to satisfy all preferences. Discover the full range and transform your space with the softness and charm of pink curtains, creating a home full of style and comfort.

Frequent questions

No, we take care of calculating the fabric needed to make the curtain. You will need to measure the gap to be covered, the rod or the gutter from end to end and enter that measurement on the website.

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When making the curtain, we will use approximately double the amount of fabric of the indicated size, so that the curtain is made correctly.

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The types of confection that occupy the least space will be: male, gathered, three pleats and straps.

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The fittings that you can install on a curtain rod without rings are eyelets and loops. For the curtain panel, pleated and tri-fold curtain constructions, you will need the curtain rod rings and hooks to attach the curtain rod. The perfect wave curtain is the only curtain that cannot be fitted on a rod.

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The garments that can be installed on a gutter are the ruffles, males, three pleats and perfect wave.

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For the cleaning and maintenance of the curtains, we recommend removing the hooks before putting them in the washing machine.
This way you will prevent them from getting lost or rusting.
Don't worry about not knowing how to put them back, because over time and as the curtain falls, an indentation is made in the tape that indicates where to place each hook.

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Product made to measure and in the chosen color.
Includes fabric ready to be hung.

If you still don't have a rail or curtain rod installed, you can enter here:
·Roll bars

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The types of confection that take up the most space are perfect waves and eyelets.

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Curtains with this type of sewing will always be sent without gather, it is very easy to gather.
First we will have to tie two knots on one end so that the threads do not come out and then pull the other end.
This way , the fabric will gather itself.

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It is not recommended to iron flame retardant fabrics, or at least to do so at a very low temperature, as the application of heat may cause the fabric to shrink.

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This fabric is made with a very discreet lead edge that guarantees a perfect drape so that the curtain is well extended.

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1. Folded
2. Males
3. Three pleats
4. Straps
5. Eyelets
6. Perfect wave

- Confections in gathered, men or three pleats can be used both on a rail and on a rail.
- Confections in eyelets or straps can only be used on a rod.
- Perfect wave making is placed on a special rail and requires a space of 15 cm, since the wave protrudes 7 cm on each side of the rail.

If we select loop cooking, these will be the same fabric and the same color as the rest of the curtain. If we want a handle in a different color, we can order it by phone on 966 181 033.

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