Curtains for fitting room

Made to measure

Thirteen colors available - Touch teriopelo 100% polyester

We present the new fabrics designed for the manufacture of curtains for testers, for its texture and pleasant touch, its natural fall, and its great durability. Our curtains are made with 100% polyester fabric, where we can find it in a range of 13 different colors, where we have toasted, brown, orange, red, green and blue tones. Fabrics with velvet touch very resistant and easy maintenance.

color range image for curtain for tester
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Our curtains for tester are manufactured with two types of confection with eyelets of metal finials and sewn with a double to make the curtain more resistant, or with purse, depending on where we want to place the curtain and what is more comfortable. Since 2006, we offer certified organic cotton collections, contributing significantly to the environment.

curtain image for tester curtain image for tester
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