Child safety system

Child safety system

When we install a curtain or blind in our house and there are children in it, we must take into account the risks associated with the existence of cords, strings, chains and cables without fixing, since they can be dangerous for the smallest of the house. For this reason, at Cortinadecor we have included in our products that carry manual operation with cord or chain , a counterweight system of safety for children , which avoids this type of accidents. This system is as simple as it is effective, it is a termination for the chain that instead of going loose hanging from the thread or chain of our shade or curtain, is fastened to the wall with some screws making the thread or chain is totally tensed and stuck to the wall so that the child can not manipulate or play with him, thus avoiding possible risks.

Safety regulations for curtains and blinds with cord or chain drive.

For safety reasons, the mechanisms have built-in chain-guard system or child safety, a system that must be installed so that the chain / cord is with moderate tension allowing the mechanism to be operated.

If you do not specify the size of the chain. Cortinadecor is obliged by law to serve the chain as follows:

  • For mechanisms below 250 cm, a 1 m chain is used.
  • For mechanisms above 250 cm, a 1.5 m chain is used.

We recommend that the distance of the chain to the ground is 1.5 m. However:

  • You can request the height of the chain you want for installation under your responsibility.
  • Cortinadecor is not responsible for discrepancies in the height of the chain if you have not indicated the same previously.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change or modify the design of its products without prior notice maintaining its functionality.