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Bioclimatic Pergolas

Design, well-being and energy saving

The Bioclimatic Pergola with adjustable blades is a new system of solar protection that will allow you to enjoy life outdoors at any time of the year.

With it you can expand your living space without having to carry out work in any location, whatever their characteristics. It will naturally regulate the temperature of your stay, while protecting you from solar radiation, rain, wind or any other inclement weather.

Modern and timeless design, it fits perfectly in all architectural styles and presents endless modulation possibilities, being the ideal solution for terraces or gardens in hotels and restaurants.


That is why this system provides a high degree of customization, adapting to the various aesthetic and functional requirements that are needed today, and that, together with the wide range of colors and versatile accessories offered, will convert the Bioclimatic Pergola Cortinadecor in an essential product for the whole year.


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Elegant and Silent

The Bioclimatic Pergola is a waterproof structure with adjustable aluminum slats that, thanks to their motorization, allow their free movement. With an avant-garde aesthetic, a timeless design adaptable to the most diverse environments is ensured.

A refined and robust appearance that guarantees its durability. Thanks to the design of its components, it can also be said that it is a totally silent system.

The frames carry a registered perimeter sealing system that acts against the transversal rain, avoiding the possible sound originated by the friction with the ends of the slats, and the movement provoked by the action of the wind. Said doormat also does not allow direct light and / or reflection to pass through the points of connection between the slats and between the slats and the frame.

It has a rubber sealing between slats that ensures the tightness of the aluminum pergola and cancels the noise of the vibration of the slats caused by the wind. The perimeter sealing also does not let direct light and / or reflection through the joints between the slats and between the slats and the frame.

The motorization system is discreetly hidden between the slats and the frame, favoring the aesthetic set of the aluminum pergola.

The system of adjustable slats forms a roof that allows a range of inclinations ranging from 0º to 135º, allowing the stay to be cooled by natural convection. This rotation of the slats allows a total use of the sun's rays.

sitema de lama cerramoento de goma para pergola cortinadecor sitema de lama abierto para pergola cortinadecor sitema de lama cerrado para pergola cortinadecor
  • 0º Position The roof is closed and will be perfectly protected.
  • 5º Position It allows a perfect ventilation of the room even if it is raining.
  • 45º Position You will enjoy a natural ventilation, controlling the luminosity.
  • 90º Position The opening of the slats allows a total use of the sun.
  • 135º Position Maximum opening allowed, being able to take advantage of the maximum light without being disturbed by the sun.
Motorization and Drive
pergolas bioclimaticas cortinadecor noche sitema accionamiento lama control remoto cortinadecor

The commercialization of the pergola with adjustable blades will be done only motorized, using a 24 Vdc motor. This will also guarantee your safety against electric shock, with additional safety grounding. The fact that all electrical installation ducts are hidden, will also give a higher isolation rate.

We put at your disposal a series of last generation automations that will make the use of your bioclimatic pergola more comfortable and simple. With the rain sensor, when you are away from home, you will avoid the degradation of the furniture that is located under the pergola.

You can connect the heating or turn on the lighting with a single command. You can even have a general control of the pergola with adjustable blades with your smartphone.

Optional products

With them, you can create a protected stay from the outside, both of the atmospheric agents and of the external glances, favoring your privacy whenever you wish. Awnings such as the Ares or Iris, Venetian Wood or Sliding Panels, are just one example of systems with an avant-garde and effective design that will increase the aesthetic value of your pergola.

calefaccion pergola bioclimatica iluminacion led pergola bioclimatica sistema hilo musical pergola bioclimatica

Lighting: One of the optional products that we offer from Cortinadecor is LED lighting, with it you can enjoy your pergola with adjustable slats as soon as it starts to get dark.

Heating: Thanks to the optional heating you can enjoy your terrace in the coldest times of the year.

Piped music: Possibility to control and enjoy music, via Bluetooth with integrated speaker system.

Types of assembly and manufacturing

Our pergolas provide you with the opportunity to expand the living space of your home or business without building work, since the bioclimatic pergola is supported by its own structure.

It presents different possibilities of modulation, being able to add successive pergolas sharing columns. In this way, a customized solution is created for each project, being able to adopt different shapes and sizes to adapt to different buildings.

Although its production is not limited to one step or multiple in particular, it can be made to measure.

2 columns Pergola: A Máx. width 4.200 mm B Máx. length 6.200 mm C Máx. height 3.000 mm D Viga P-220 220 mm

4 columns Pergola: A Máx. width 4.200 mm B Máx. length 6.200 mm C Máx. height 3.000 mm D Viga P-220 220 mm

4 columns double Pergola: A Máx. width 7.000 mm B Máx. length 6.000 mm C Máx. height 3.000 mm D Viga P-220 220 mm E Viga P-300 300 mm


imagen de pergola bioclimatica 2 columnas


imagen de pergola bioclimatica 4 columnas


imagen de pergola bioclimatica doble 4 columnas
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