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Smart blinds

One more step towards the future.

The smart blinds of Cortinadecor have a motor to operate them(raise and lower them) in a comfortable and practical way. You can have full control from your mobile phone or from the new devices ALEXA, GOOGLE ASISTANT OR SIRI. Connect your home thanks to technology. Smart blinds are a real revolution to be more sustainable (the battery can be recharged with solar panel), do not need pre-installation, are safer for children and efficient thanks to full control with the remote or your smartphone.

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Advantages of the Cortinadecor Smart Blinds

  • Energy saving.
  • Safety for children, blind without chains.
  • Does not need electrical pre-installation.
  • More than 600 autonomy cycles.
  • Recharge from charger or solar panel.
  • HOMEMATE APP available for IOS and ANDROID.
  • Drive compatible with ALEXA, GOOGLE ASISTANT OR SIRI
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Blinds for a more sustainable house

As we do, we know that you care and, very much, care for the environment and responsible and sustainable purchasing.

The new blinds have a lithium battery stipulated in 600 cycles, approximately 10 months with two daily uses.

This motor, very silent, can be recharged with a charger (as easy as charging your mobile) or with a solar panel that not only uses renewable energy, but also ensures that you do not need to recharge.

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Smart blinds and security

Home safety is a central issue, much more if young children live. The new intelligent blinds do not have a chain, so accidents are impossible and you will be calmer in your home.

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Do I need to do work to install my new smart blinds?

Do not!
The installation of the blind is very simple, intuitive and in just 10 minutes you can have it working. By not carrying cables or external connections, and go completely hidden within the blind, it is as easy as installing any of our roller blinds.

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Why are they smart?

Smart blinds are designed to make your life easier and more comfortable. Just pressing a button or from the mobile you can raise and lower them from the bed or the sofa.

The app is compatible with both IOS and Android and is very easy to install. In this way from the screen you can upload and download all the blinds in the house and automate schedules. Also, it is compatible with the Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri systems.

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What measures can I choose?

Its lithium battery is very powerful, so we can install it with blinds up to 240 cm wide by 300 cm long. So the options when decorating are endless and you can choose the material and color that you like.

Remember that if you have any questions or need to know more about our smart blinds we will be happy to lend a hand and advise you to make the best decision.

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